TCCGP Fellowship

2014 CM Fellowship Group Leaders

Fellowship Name Meeting Time Meeting Place Contact Person
Evergreen The 2nd Saturday Havertown Church Hailing Chien
Senior's Meeting Last Saturday of the Quarter 22nd St. Philadelphia 周佩英傳道
Creek Side Every Other Saturday Members' House Gang Wei
Ark-1 Every Friday Members' House Hui Xui
Ark-2 Every Saturday Members' House Minhong Zhuang
SiEn-1 The 2nd, 4th Saturday Members' House Hans Liu
SiEn-2 Every Friday Havertown Church Xiaojing Zhang
SiEn-3 The 2nd, 4th Friday Members' House Gengqian Cai
Eastern The 1st, 3rd Friday Members' House Jonathan Cheng
Spectrum Every other Saturday Night Members' House Wenchuan Wang
Good News Every other Saturday Members' House Li Yang
Elim Every other Saturday Member's House Grace Wang
Blessing and Grace The 1st, 3rd Saturday Members' House Shane Huang
New Song Every Friday Members' House Yingxu Peng
Cantonese The 3rd Saturday Havertown Church Simon Kwok
New Life Every other Friday Havertown Church Zhifeng Wang
W2W (Youth) The 1st, 2nd, 3rd Friday Havertown Church Pastor Raf, Lucas Ho
Crosswalk Twice per month Members' House Jon Chen
Couples/Young Families Once a month Members' House Sterling/Ruth Chen
Green Pasture Two Sunday afternoons Havertown Church Hailing Chien
Xiaotong Liu, Xiaoyuan Chen
College Chinese Every Friday Havertown Church Di Zhang

Note: W2W (Youth), Crosswalk, and Couples/Young Families are mainly speaking English.