Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia (TCCGP) was formed as a result of three churches uniting together (Chinese Church of Philadelphia, Chinese Salvation Church, and Main Line Chinese Christian Church). The new church registered with the government on March 10, 2002, and our congregation officially had our first worship on March 24. From March 24, 2002 to February 5, 2012, our services continued to be held at the Delaware County Christian School. With the purchase of our new facilities in 2011, Trinity Church moved into our Havertown location on February 12, 2012. Currently, TCCGP has over 350 members, with separate Chinese, English adult and youth worship services. About a total of 110 adults and teenagers attend the English adult and youth services.


Members of Trinity Christian Church are located throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, and some even coming from New Jersey. The Chinese Ministry (CM) is Mandarin speaking, primarily consisting of Chinese professionals from Mainland China, Taiwan and a smaller minority from Hong Kong. Most are working professionals, parents caring for their growing children, and senior citizens. The Adult English Ministry (AEM) consists of college students, young professionals, and married couples with their families. The Youth Ministry (YM) consists largely of youth whose parents attend the CM.


Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia is a non-denominational evangelical Bible-believing Christian church. Many of our staff are graduates of Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA. Our church has a governing board of Elders, and the church’s pastors, elders, and deacons jointly establish the Church Council. The Council is in charge of the Church’s spiritual and administrative affairs.


TCCGP’s mission is to build bridges and strengthen the connections between God and his people, within our church community, and between Christians and the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The AEM seeks to serve the needs of families and people in various life stages and equip the church body to stand strong for God’s kingdom. Our desire in the AEM and YM is to minister to English speaking Christians of all ages and ethnicities. In the CM, there is an emphasis towards reaching out and equipping the Chinese Christian community in the Greater Philadelphia area. Together we do our best to support world missions both locally and abroad.