Seminar (09/26/2015, 9:00am-5:00pm at Sanctuary).

Meeting Counseling and Mental Health Needs in the Church (面對教會輔導與心理健康的需要).
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Biblical counseling ministry (BCM) at TCCGP exists to provide free-of-charge, short-term pastoral care counseling to church members.  We strive to provide Biblically sound, Christ-centered, and God-glorifying counsel within our church community.  The purpose of this ministry is twofold:

1. Remediation. Christian growth towards spiritual maturity in a fallen world is sometimes filled with pain and confusion.  We desire to be used by God to speak His Truth in love, provide caring, facilitate hope, and assist restoration through Biblical change and practice.

2. Prevention and transformation. Biblical counseling is also about Biblical education and Discipleship.  We desire to help believers prevent problems before they become overwhelming, and to assist believers to submit to God who is our ultimate Counselor, and who guides believers into all Truth and abundant life.

Our Biblical counselors are all graduates of Master level and above Seminary and/or Christian counseling programs.  Our goal is that you would leave with greater self-awareness of God’s activity in your life, and with a greater capacity to meet present and/or future challenges in your life and ministry.

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If you need help or have any questions regarding our biblical counseling service, please send email to Everything is kept confidential.

Seminar (06/13/2015, 9:30am-3:30pm at Sanctuary).

Special discipleship seminar on “How to Shepherd the family and the Church” by Professor Tim Witmer from Westminster Theological Seminary. The seminar will be conducted in English with Chinese translation. There will be a $10 fee including lunch. Please sign-up at the church website by June 10th. For details, please contact Minister Easter Gau or Bro. Dennis Dong.

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Counseling Series: Introduction to Depression on 05/16/2015 at TCCGP

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"How God Cares for Stressed People" at Church of the Savior